Regiment: North Staffordshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's)

Ashton, George Henry –

Husband of Mrs. Ashton, Of 16, Portland Street, Farnworth, Lancashire, later of 2, St. John Street and Darley Street, Farnworth, Lancashire, and 14, Heywood’s Hollow, Astley Bridge, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly employed at Messrs. Knowles’ colliery. Enlisted December 1914. Formerly Private 17463, 1st Bn., Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Reported missing 29/06/1915, subsequently reported wounded. Three times wounded. Caught aged 26 as an absentee from Wallsend since 24/06/1918 appearing before Bolton Magistrates 28/06/1918 to be sent back to his unit under escort. (Bolton Archives: JBO/1/29). His brother Robert also served.

Barlow, James –

Son of Harrison and Jane Barlow, of 112, Bridgewater Street, Hindley, Lancashire; husband of Eliza Barlow, of 97, Darby Lane, Hindley, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1915. Formerly 16701, Lancashire Fusiliers. Died at 33, Lodge View, Bolton, Lancashire whilst on leave from service at the front in an apparent suicide by gas to avoid returning to France.

Bolton, William –

Son of Robert and Jane Alice Bolton; husband of Gwendoline Ann Bolton, of Lewes, Sussex.

Bradshaw, Rowland –

Of 170, Rishton Lane, Great Lever, Bolton, Lancashire. Appeared before Bolton Magistrates aged 32 on 19/11/1917 having been caught drunk and disorderly in Bradshawgate, Bolton on 16/11/1917.

Casey, James Alban –

Of 17, Benson Street, Salford, Lancashire. Christ Church. Formerly 3788, Lancashire Fusiliers.

Chick (Ablett), Harry –

NOTE:- Served as Harry ABLETT. Illegitimate son of Sarah Chick; adopted son of William James and Henrietta Knight (nee Farnell), of 56, King Street, Eccles, Lancashire. Enlisted September 1914. Formerly Private 11355, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. Reported missing since the Somme Retreat of 17/04/1918 and subsequently presumed killed.

Craven, Thomas William –

Husband of the late Mrs. Craven, of 14, Edward Street, Stoneclough, Lancashire. Formerly 44305, Cheshire Regiment. Memorial in Ringley churchyard.

Crombie, Edward McKenzie –

Of 74, Randal Street, Bolton, Lancashire; his effects were allotted to Mrs. Jane Bond of this address. Formerly Private 46320, 17th Bn., Cheshire Regiment; formerly Private 66963, 23rd Bn., King’s Liverpool Regiment; formerly Private 112133, 137th Labour Company, Labour Corps.

Dearden, Walter –

Son of William and Elizabeth Ann Dearden, of “Eskdale”, Whitefield, Lancashire, and formerly of “Holmesdale”, Church Lane, Whitefield, Lancashire. Formerly resided at 7, Penn Street, Horwich, Lancashire whilst engaged as an engine fitters’ apprentice at Horwich Loco Works.

Egerton, Samuel –

Husband of Margaret Egerton, of 11, Harris Street, Deane Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Served almost 12 years in the Army, including time in India. Died of wounds (gas).

Evans, Herbert –

Of 39, Regent Square, Salford, Lancashire. Formerly 406125, King’s Liverpool Regiment.

Gray, Ronald J –

Son of Harry Morriss Gray and Ethel Elizabeth Gray, of New Bury, Farnworth, Lancashire.

Hackett, Frederick –

Son of John and Clara Hackett, of 5, Holroyd Place, Peel Street, Pendleton, Lancashire. Christ Church. Formerly 4498, Lancashire Fusiliers.

Hampson, William –

Son of William and Ada Hampson; husband of Irene Margaret Hampson, of Salford, Lancashire.