Regiment: Royal Field Artillery

Alderson, Albert –

Eldest son of John Ralph and Hannah Wright Alderson, of 75, Stafford Road, Swinton, Lancashire, and formerly of Wardley Lane, Worsley, Lancashire. Previously at Gallipoli and drafted to France.

Alderson, David –

Son of Ralph and Eliza Alderson (nee Walker), of 279, Bolton Road, Edgworth, Turton, Lancashire. Formerly Driver 2674, Royal Field Artillery.

Alderson, George –

Son of John Ralph and Hannah Wright Alderson, of 75, Stafford Road, Swinton, Lancashire, and formerly of Wardley Lane, Worsley, Lancashire. Served in France.

Aldred, Francis –

Husband of Elizabeth Aldred (nee Ramsden), of 32, Sylvester Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 1487. Address at discharge 32, Liverpool Street, Bolton, Lancashire.

Aldred, Herbert –

Son of Edward and Sarah Jane Aldred, of 57, Chatsworth Street, Walkden, Lancashire. Enlisted May 1915.

Aldred, William –

Son of Thomas and Mary Aldred, of 26, Little Moss Lane, Pendlebury, Lancashire. Enlisted 23/05/1913 at Liverpool as 11588, King’s Liverpool Regiment, claiming at that time to have former service with the Royal Engineers and having been discharged by purchase. Discharged 04/04/1914 with all service forfeit having been convicted by the civil power of “felony”. Re-enlisted and discharged.

Aldred, William Henry –

Son of John and Margaret Alice Aldred; husband of Elizabeth Aldred (nee Lovelace), of 6, Leigh Street, Farnworth, Lancashire.

Algar, Samuel James –

Husband of Annie Algar (nee Mathews), of 773, Delph Hill, Doffocker, Bolton, Lancashire, and formerly of 167, Mornington Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Originally enlisted as Driver 74324 in the Royal Field Artillery on 02/01/1915 and discharged as not likely to become an efficient soldier 02/03/1915. Re-enlisted in May as Driver 1937, Royal Field Artillery. Home Service Only.

Allen, Joseph –

Son of Abraham and Emily Allen, of 601, Oldham Road, Failsworth, Lancashire.

Allred, Tom –

Son of John Allred; husband of Edith Emma Allred, of 111, Great Holme Street, Leicester, Leicestershire.

Allsopp, Thomas Alfred –

Son of Emma Allsopp, of 3, Park Street, Irlams-o’th’-Height, Salford, Lancashire, and the late Alfred William Allsopp. Formerly 878, 2nd (East Lancashire) Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. Seriously injured in a motor accident on Friday 25/05/1917 at Chapeltown Road, Turton.

Almond, Henry Wallace –

Son of Frederick Almond, of 80, Bradshaw Chapel, Bradshaw, Turton, Lancashire. Address at discharge 7, Talbot Street, Astley Bridge, Bolton, Lancashire.

Almond, John –

Of 94, Bradshaw Brow, Tonge, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted May 1915.

Almond, John –

Son of George and Nanny Almond, of Horden Cottage, High Street, Belmont, Lancashire. An old boy of the Bolton Grammar School. Enlisted December 1914.

Alston, Dennis –

Son of John and Helen Alston, of 23, Rothwell Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted 04/09/1914 as Private 16514, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment at Bolton and discharged 18/10/1914 as not likely to become an efficient soldier. Re-enlisted April 1915 in the Royal Field Artillery.