Regiment: Royal Irish Rifles

Garvey, Joseph –

Of 153, Bridgewater Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Enlisted December 1914. Reported as GARVIE in BJ&G.

Gorman, Samuel –

Nephew of Marjorie Johnston, of 8, St. Paul’s Street, Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland.

Hannen, Daniel –

Husband of Elizabeth Ann Hannen, of 8, Hall Street, Pendleton, Lancashire.

Harrop, Amos –

Son of James and Martha Harrop. Formerly 131951, RGA; formerly Private 108217, 4th Labour Bn., Hampshire Regiment.; formerly Private 37117, 181st Company, Labour Corps. Death presumed.

Haslam, Alfred –

Son of Robert and Mary Haslam, of 73, Turton Road, Bradshaw, Turton, Lancashire. Formerly 24432, Reserve Regiment of Cavalry. Reported wounded and in hospital in May 1918. Two brothers serving, both wounded, one in Mesopotamia and one in Ireland.

Jones, Joseph –

Son of Edward and Catherine Ann Jones, of 7, Heelis Street, Buckley Street, Rochdale Road, Lancashire.

Kelly, Hubert –

Husband of Martha Kelly, of 230, Cleggs Lane, Little Hulton, Lancashire. Formerly 4951, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Makin, A –

Of 2, Freehold Street, Pendleton, Lancashire. In France.

McManus, Edward –

Second son of Mr. and Mrs. John McManus, of 86, Trafford Street, Moses Gate, Farnworth, Lancashire. Enlisted December 1914. Formerly 2nd Bn., Royal Irish Rifles. Reported wounded and missing since 05/08/1917, and subsequently presumed killed. St. Gregory’s R.C. Church, Farnworth.