Howarth, Charles Kingsley –

Son of Robert and Mary Ellen Howarth, of 234, Turton Road, Bradshaw, Turton, Lancashire. Previously worked in the grocery department of the Bolton Co-Operative Society. Enlisted January 1915. Formerly 03943, Royal Army Oordnance Corps. Posted missing 23/07/1918 and subsequently presumed dead.

Hulme, Herbert H –

Husband of Mrs. Hulme, of 143, Lea Gate Lane, Harwood, Turton, Lancashire. Formerly 2547, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Previously slightly wounded in 1915. Shot through the brain and killed instantly.

Hunt, George Firth –

Husband of Mrs. Hunt, of 86, Turton Road, Bradshaw, Turton, Lancashire. A member of the Bolton Corps of the St. John Ambulance Brigade. Enlisted April 1915. Died of Dysentery at sea, en-route from the Red Cross Hospital at Malta. Buried at sea just before the ship entered the Straits of Gibraltar.

Isherwood, Ernest –

Son of John and Elizabeth Isherwood (nee Sharples), of Birches Farm, Bradshaw, Lancashire. Formerly Private 4629, 2nd/3rd Bn., Monmouthshire Regiment. Reported missing since 12/04/1918 and subsequently presumed killed.

Kilburn, John (Jack) –

Son of Enoch and Margaret Kilburn, of 29, Turton Road, Bradshaw, Turton, Lancashire. Formerly Private 15501, 6th Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Lowe, Harry –

Son of Andrew and Abigail Lowe (nee Pendlebury), of Bradshaw Head Farm, Tottington Road, Bradshaw, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1915. Formerly Royal Field Artillery.

Morgan, Charles Henry –

Son of Mrs. Morgan, of Newport, Monmouthshire. Resident of Lea Gate Lane, Bradshaw, Turton, Lancashire. Fiance of Miss L. Taylor.

Oddie, James –

Youngest son of Mr. Henry Oddie, of Ramwell’s Farm, Bromley Cross, Turton, Lancashire. Enlisted May 1916. Killed when a bomb accidentally exploded whilst he was carrying them to the trench.

Ormrod, Harold –

Son of Hugh and Sarah Elizabeth Ormrod, of 24, Church Street, Harwood, Turton, Lancashire. Contracted Influenza and developed Pneumonia, which took his life in hospital at Camiers.

Ramsden, Samuel –

Son of Joseph and Margaret Ramsden, of 641, Tonge Moor Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Formery Private, 4th Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Gazetted Second Lieutenant, Royal Flying Corps in November 1917. Wounded 11/04/1918.

Schofield, John –

Nephew of Mrs. Riley, of 80, Lee Gate Lane, Harwood, Turton, Lancashire. Of Turton Road, Bradshaw, Lancashire. Formerly 17173, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Initially reported as wounded on 10/04/1917, this was subsequently confirmed as wounded and missing. Later presumed killed.

Schofield, Walter –

Husband of Alice Schofield, of 39, Division Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly of 197, Tottington Road, Harwood, Turton, Lancashire. Killed during an attack south east of Neuville St. Vaast.

Scholes, Harold –

Son of Mrs. Scholes, of 139, Bradshaw Brow, Bradshaw, Turton, Lancashire. Served in East Africa, Egypt and France. Killed by a German shell.

Shaw, Thomas –

Son of Thomas and Jane Shaw. Formerly resided with married sister, Mrs. Wood, of 149, Lea Gate Lane, Harwood, Turton, Lancashire. Enlisted in the 44th Bn. at Winnipeg, Canada, 1914.

Shipsides, Frederick –

Husband of Mrs. E. Shipsides, of 22, Church Avenue, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted August 1914. Harwood Wesleyans.

Smith, James –

Son of Samson and Fanny Smith, of 13, Rigby Lane, Bradshaw, Turton, Lancashire. Formerly employed at the Tonge Moor Branch of the Bolton Co-Operative Society. Enlisted January 1916. Formerly 22922, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Posted as wounded or missing.

Southworth, Daniel –

Son of Thomas and Esther Southworth, of 187, Tottington Road, Harwood, Turton, Lancashire. Enlisted October 1915. Formerly 7533, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.