Aldred, John –

Son of John and Margaret Alice Aldred; husband of Violet Aldred, of 6, Leigh Street, Farnworth, Bolton. Formerly 24673, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Died as a result of septic poisoning.

Ashton, Harry –

Son of William Henry and Bertha Ashton, of 112, Grosvenor Street, Kearsley, Farnworth, Lancashire, and formerly of 64, Rawson Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Enlisted September 1916.

Atherton, Charles –

Son of Charles and Martha Atherton, of 90, Park Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Memorial in Farnworth Cemetery.

Barrett, Thomas (Tom) –

Son of Martha Barrett, of 33, Lord Street, Kearsley, Lancashire, and the late James Barrett, and formerly of 29, Church Street, Kearsley, Lancashire. Enlisted Summer 1916. Formerly 23411, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. Posted wounded and missing since the engagement of 15/04/1917 and subsequently presumed killed.

Bentham, Harold –

Son of Squire and Mary Alice Bentham, of 18, St. James Street, New Bury, Farnworth, Lancashire. Formerly worked as a conductor on the South Lancashire Tramways. Enlisted September 1914. Attached 9th Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Died in hospital in France from appendicitis and pneumonia. Memorial in Farnworth (St. John’s) Churchyard.

Bentley, Oswald Vaughan –

Son of Elizabeth Bentley, of Hodgson Howe, Portinscale, Keswick, Cumberland, and formerly of 129, Bolton Road, Kearsley, Lancashire, and of the late William Bentley. An old boy of the Hollands School. Born Farnworth, Lancashire. Wounded multiple times. Formerly 5th Bn., Rifle Brigade. Reported locally to have been awarded the DCM, but no evidence currently found of this award.

Blease, Robert –

Eldest son of Robert William and Annie Blease, of 103, Lord Street, Kearsley, Lancashire. An old boy of Bolton Municipal Secondary School. Reported wounded and missing and subsequently confirmed killed. Memorial in Farnworth Cemetery.

Boardman, John James –

Son of Mrs. Boardman, of 20, Markland Square, Farnworth, Lancashire; husband of Jessie Jones (formerly Boardman), of 174, Sion Street, Radcliffe, Lancashire, and formerly of 25, Bank Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Previous service with the cavalry.

Booth, Stanley –

Husband of Mrs. Booth, of 16, Vernon Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Killed by a shell.

Brierley, William –

Husband of Mrs. Brierley (nee Watson), of 1, Alpine Terrace, Kearsley, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1917. Reported missing since 06/08/1917 and subsequently presumed killed.

Brown, William Henry –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Brown, of 117, Egerton Street, Moses Gate, Farnworth, Lancashire; husband of Mrs. Brown, of 58, Balmoral Road, Farnworth, Lancashire. Previously worked as a conductor on South Lancashire Tramways. Enlisted January 1915. Formerly 19401, Border Regiment. Died in a French field ambulance and buried in Belgium. Brother of David and James Albert Brown, of 117, Egerton Street, Moses Gate, Farnworth, Lancashire, who also served. Memorial in Farnworth Cemetery.

Buckley, Charles –

Son of William and Jane Buckley of 26, Lord Street, Kearsley, Lancashire, and later of 66, Old Hall Street, Kearsley, Farnworth, Lancashire.

Dover, George –

Son of George Thomas and Abigail Dover, of 6, Oakes Street, Kearsley, Lancashire; husband of Bertha Dover, of 37, Clammerclough Farm, Kearsley, Lancashire. A bomb-thrower.

Entwistle, John –

Son of John and Mary Entwistle, of 52, Kildare Street, Farnworth, Lancashire; husband of Mrs. Entwistle (nee Nicholson). Recorded as ENTWISLE on CWGC. Memorial in St. John’s Churchyard.

Goodram, William Pollitt –

Son of Richard and Jane Goodram, of 137, Grosvenor Street, Kearsley, Lancashire, and formerly of 13, Grove Street, Kearsley, Lancashire. Enlisted March 1917.

Gregory, Harold –

Son of Edward and Mary Gregory, of 1, Bank View, Farnworth, Lancashire. Enlisted February 1916. Memorial in Farnworth Cemetery. Brother of Herbert Gregory (Royal Garrison Artillery), and William Gregory (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment).

Halliwell, James –

Son of Hannah and the late John Halliwell, formerly of the Bridgewater Arms, Farnworth, Lancashire. Nephew of and resided with Mr. T. Stones, licensee of Black Horse Hotel, 57-59, Higher Market Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. An old boy of Farnworth Grammar School. Memorial in Farnworth Cemetery.

Halliwell, Albert –

Son of Elizabeth Marshall (formerly Halliwell), of 2, Eldon Street, Clay Cross, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, and the late John Halliwell, and formerly of 26, Bent Street, Kearsley, Lancashire. Killed at Messines Ridge.