Buckley, Joseph –

Of 25, Bright Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 45023, Royal Army Medical Corps. Caught aged 24 as an absentee from Hightown, Liverpool since 27/06/1915 appearing before Bolton Magistrates 03/07/1915 to be sent back to his unit under escort. (Bolton Archives: JBO/1/26).

Carley, Joseph –

Husband of Mrs. Carley, of 62, Blackledge Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire Enlisted March 1915.

Coates, William –

Son of Emma Coates, of 57, Daisy Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted August 1915. Formerly Private 4145, 1st/4th Bn., King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.

Collier, Robert –

Son of Willoughby Collier and Margaret Collier, of 30, Nebo Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire.

Connor, George –

Son of Jack and Sara Connor, of 22, Randal Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire.

Cotgrave, William Henry –

Son of H. Cotgrave, of 10, Larkhill Street, Blackpool, Lancashire; husband of Mary Ann Cotgrave (nee Wilder), of 5, Minnie Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. A member of the Bolton Corps of the St. John Ambulance Brigade. Suffered chronic nephritis. Died aged 38 on 10/05/1918 and interred at Bolton (Heaton) Cemetery on 13/05/1918. Surname also reported as COTGREAVE.

Cowburn, Ernest –

Son of William and Sarah Cowburn, of 212, Willows Lane, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 16th Bn., King’s Royal Rifle Corps.

Cowburn, Harry –

Son of Elizabeth Ann Cowburn, of 44, Randal Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire, and the late John Cowburn.

Croft, John –

Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Ann Croft, of 65, Daisy Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Mrs Croft, of 26, Cambria Street, Willows Lane, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. Caught aged 23 as an absentee from Aldershot since 13/09/1915 appearing before Bolton Magistrates 17/09/1915 to be sent back to his unit under escort. (Bolton Archives: JBO/1/26). Formerly Private 16118, 9th Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment; formerly Private 8728 1st/5th Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Reported missing since 30/11/1917 and subsequently confirmed prisoner of war. Died whilst prisoner of war having been shot in the stomach by a German guard. Eldest of three brothers to serve in the war.

Crook, Daniel –

Husband of Elizabeth Crook, of 6, Alexandra Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire, formerly of 438, St. Helens Road, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. Served in the South African Campaign and seven years in India.

Davenport, Horace –

Son of the late Herbert and Miriam Davenport, of 96, Leigh Road, Westhoughton, Lancashire. Of 4, Stamford Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted April 1916. Killed by the bursting of a shell.

Davies, Belsford –

Son of Thomas and Margaret Davies, of 8, Bright Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. Joined up August 1917. Formerly 62872, South Lancashire Regiment. A brother served with the Gordon Highlanders.

Ditchfield, Harold –

Son of Albert Ditchfield, of 19, Joseph Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. Caught aged 17 as an absentee from Canada Dock, Liverpool since 29/11/1915 appearing before Bolton Magistrates 06/12/1915 to be sent back to his ship under escort. (Bolton Archives: JBO/1/26). Body not recovered for burial.

Dobson, George –

Husband of Annie Dobson, of 1, Martha Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire.